EP. 59 | Mindful Fee: Motherhood, Mental Health x Make-Up with Felicia La Tour

In this episode we sat down with Celebrity Make-Up Artist, Certified Life x Wellness Coach, Public Speaker and ORIGINAL #CoolAssMom, Felicia La Tour! Fee shares her approach to parenting a free spirited child, how she makes time for self-care, and her journey of leaving home at 17 to become the person she knew she was destined to be! Fee reminds us that boundaries are beneficial, protecting our mental health is the only we can be of service to others, and that true beauty starts on the inside.


Connect with Felicia La Tour:

Email: FeliciaLaTour@gmail.com

Instagram: Instagram.com/FeliciaLaTour

Youtube: YouTube.com/FeliciaLaTour

Germani Manning