EP. 24 | Can You Make A Black Girl Feel Pretty: Millennial Mamas x Black Hair with Christine Michel Carter

In today's society it's more than difficult to stay true to who we are when the media shows us we're not enough. Our bodies: too curvy or not curvy enough. Our hair: perfectly curly or unmanageable. The list goes on and frankly, is never ending. As societal pressures increase the question is posed: Can You Make A Black Girl Feel Pretty? In this episode we caught up with Forbes contributor, speaker, social influencer and millennial mama herself- Christine Michel Carter. Christine provided great insight and elaborated on being a millennial mother raising a young black daughter to cherish her natural hair.


Connect with Christine Michel Carter:

Website: ChristineMichelCarter.com

Instagram: Instagram.com/CMichelCarter

Twitter: Twitter.com/CMichelCarter


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